Mattias & Kaarina

Since the 31:st of March Mattias & Kaarina Kranz are new owners of the Repus companies.

Mattias has formerly worked as naval officer in the Royal Swedish Navy. The last eleven years he has worked with sales and his last position was as a sales manager at Habia Cable AB.  In the new role as managing director for Repus Mattias will have a clear focus on growth of sales domestically as well as internationally.

Kaarina has got a Bachelors degree in economics from the Stockholm University. Kaarina has previously worked as controller for the Swedish state railways, head of section at the ministry of transport and communications & assistant CEO and manager business development at Green Cargo. Presently she holds the position as chief controller of production at Ragn Sells AB, the largest recycling company in Sweden. Kaarina will have a strategic role at Repus and will not be working on an operational level.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to continue to develop the Repus companies which Leif and Gunilla Lind have so successfully built up during 30 years. It’s also very fortunate for us as new owners that Leif and Gunilla will be supporting us during this transition period and thereafter when it’s needed” says Mattias Kranz.

One former employee at Habia Cable AB have started at Repus together with Mattias.

•    Nina Pentti that will be responsible for internal sales and logistics.

Andreas B Hallberg who've worked with Repus since 2001 will continue to work with technology issues and special requests.

If you have any questions please contact Mattias Kranz at or +46 8 590 884 94.


We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!